• Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

Lady narrates how she bumped into her dead ex-boyfriend at a mall


Jul 22, 2021


A Twitter user identified by her handle as @lisa_maliee has narrated how she bumped into her ex-boyfriend whom she thought was dead long ago.

Sharing her story, she disclosed that the mother of this guy called her while they were still dating and told her the man died in a car accident and further convinced her not to attend the burial because they weren’t married yet.

However, she got the greatest shock of her life when she later saw her ex-boyfriend at a mall with his wife and twin kids.

She wrote:

“5 years back on this day, I received a call from my boyfriend’s mother telling me her son was involved in a car accident and died on the spot, to make it short, she asked me not to attend his funeral since we weren’t married, today I met her son at the mall with his wife and twins…”

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