About Us

Welcome to PRODA

I am David Aderemi ADEWUYI (Ph.D.), a full Professor of English Education, currently at Virginia Union University, Richmond, Virginia. I obtained BA English (Single Honors) in 1981 at the then University of Ife (now OAU) with a First Class; MA Language Arts in 1984 at University of Ibadan; and MA and Ph.D. at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1993 and 1998 respectively. I have a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from University of Leeds, UK in 1988. I am the Proprietor and Founder of Professor David Adewuyi Academy (PRODA), which opened in August 2019.

I enthusiastically welcome our students, their parents, teachers and staff and all friends and well-wishers to our safe and conducive learning environment at Kegbejo House, Latona Street, Osogbo, the capital of the great Omoluabi State of Osun. As you may be already aware, PRODA is a multi-level educational outfit offering Crèche, Kindergarten, Nursery, Primary, Secondary, and Continuing Education.

Here is what we are:

Mission: To nurture and educate a complete child.

Vision: We are dedicated to cultivating creative, compassionate and innovative young minds through approved government curriculum and enrichment programs that increase learning. Our programs will be built to help children maximize their cognitive, physical and social potential.

Core values: We shall help children learn, play and grow!

•          Learn: The approved Nigerian curriculum guarantees children will graduate with exceptional core academic skills that will start them on the path to a bright future. At PRODA, we know each child develops at his/her own pace; so we shall implement the curriculum to provide experiences for children that promote academic competency along with a mastery of developmental tasks, no matter what learning stage they are in.

•          Play: Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Skills will be paramount at PRODA. Children will be taught to engage in a variety of controlled and safe activities that will encourage them to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle at an early age.

•          Grow: For Life and Comfort Skills, PRODA will embrace important practical and real-world matters that most other early learning institutions often ignore. We shall institute a proprietary Philanthropy Program which will lay the foundations for children to become respectful and well-mannered people by teaching them the value of selflessness, sharing and giving.

For me and the Management of PRODA, we are more of SERVICE than BUSINESS. We ensure prompt payment of salaries, which are perhaps, the most generous in any outfit like ours in the State; we employ only capable and certificated teachers; we ensure the safety of all our constituencies, and we offer an education with local, national, and international best practices.

As we continue to grow together, you will witness our expansion capital projects and the provision of facilities that will help us to achieve our laudable and enviable goals. Any time you visit the school, please applaud our committed staff, teachers and the Management, who work as a team to accomplish our mission and vision. At the appropriate time, our students will enjoy scholarships and sponsorship for further studies within and outside the country. With God’s Grace, in my educational and professional career, I have visited ALL the continents of the world (except the Antarctica, which is inhabitable anyway!) and I know the importance of international/global education that the PRODA management intends to extend to our graduates. So, let us ALL work together to GROW the school.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Professor David A. ADEWUYI